Our Story

About us

Entrepreneurship Weekly “EW” is a Global Online Knowledge Hub.

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and their teams can access a vast resources to start, grow and scale their skills, startups, businesses and Unlock their potentials!


Entrepreneurship Weekly “ew”

Our Story Started early 2022

Entrepreneurship Weekly rebooted in 2022 with a clear mission and a vision of empowering the entrepreneurial ecosystems entrepreneurs and their startups to start, scale and grow.

Upskill them and their teams equipping them with the needed knowledge and resources to gain new skills and develop their existing ones.

Our Mission and Core Values

Empowerment, Accessibility of Knowledge and Resources are the key pillars of which EW will build and expand to all Entrepreneurial communities all over the Globe.

EW mission is to support all humans!

Leveraging Equality which recognizes that historically certain groups of people with protected characteristics such as race, disability, sex and sexual orientation have experienced discrimination. 

Prosperity, economical and global GDPs growth are direct outcomes of the human development and jobs generating initiatives and that’s our ultimate endeavor!

Our Team

Mr. Mohamed Rady | Founder & CEO

Rady rebooted EW in June 2022, with an endeavor of continuing to support and empower Entrepreneurs and small business owners to start, grow and scale their startups and businesses…

Since 2012, he launched and managed a many entrepreneurial programs, leading one of the very first incubation and acceleration programs in Egypt “INNO101”.

Also, for 6 years he was the Country Champion/Lead for one of Google Community programs ” Google Business Groups – Egypt Chapters ” which is a global community for Entrepreneurs and business owners with more than 200 chapters around the world in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Rady was one of the experts launching the program in Egypt under Google’s guidance and support, leading Egypt’s 7 Chapters of the program for 6 years until GBG MENA activities were put to freeze in 2018.

Driven with the passion to help fellow entrepreneurs and business owners, Rady was a mentor, academic tutor and advisor in many entrepreneurial and business programs. He mentored thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the globe “Antarctica excluded!!”

Equipped with a 23 years of experience – to date 2022″, he’s now seeking to expand and amplify his endeavor impact to reach and support more entrepreneurs and business owners in his new journey with Entrepreneurship Weekly.

Rady worked with many global entrepreneurial programs to be listed here later on! Connect with Rady’s LinkedIn